Vascular Procedure Center

Vascular Procedure Center



The Surgical Clinic’s Vascular Procedure Center is a multi-disciplinary procedure center that serves the Surgical Clinic’s Vascular, General and Plastic Surgery specialties. Our office-based vascular lab offers the same level of care as a hospital but in an outpatient and more personal patient-focused environment. Patients at the VPC receive individualized care and are easily able to meet one-on-one with their surgeons and staff. By offering state of the art technology and certified staff, the Vascular Procedure Center gives us the ability to diagnose and treat patients all in the same day.

The Vascular Procedure Center

Two procedure rooms

8 recovery bays

CRNA’s (Conscious Sedation) – ACLS certified

Registered Nurses – ACLS certified

Registered Technologists – ACLS certified

2 GE OEC 9900 Vascular Package C-Arms

2 NuCart Mobile Imaging Booms