Prosthetic Services

Prosthetic Services

Welcome to the home page for the Prosthetic Institute at The Surgical Clinic

We are the nation's first vascular physician based prosthetic clinic. This unique collaboration of amputation surgery and prosthetics has created innovations in both surgery and prosthetic options. If you are facing amputation and need a specialized evaluation of your surgical options, we have surgeons with specialized training and options not offered anywhere else in the country. We are an active research facility working with Vanderbilt University Biomedical engineering on the latest prosthetic solutions. 

Our prosthetic research work has allowed us to develop prosthetic solutions that are unavailable elsewhere. We offer patented running prosthesis designs and patented vacuum socket technology. If you have been told "this is the best we can do" from another prosthetic provider, we can assure you that it can be better. Our goal is simple. We believe you should have the ability to function pain free in any capacity and wear your prosthesis all day long. 

We utilize all modern technological advancements for the fabrication of your artificial limb. Our prosthetist works directly with the physicians and therapists to provide the appropriate prosthetic for each patient. Medical, physiological, and personal factors go into the production of your new limb. These factors will be considered and discussed thoroughly with you along with your rehab team prior to the determination of your prosthetic prescription.

We provide all types of lower and upper extremity prostheses. We have staff ready to meet your needs.

Please call us to set up an appointment 615-301-5264.

At The Surgical Clinic, we put you first and value your input into making a limb that best suits you.

TSC’s Vascular Physician-Based Prosthetic Institute

Meet Our Patient: Carol Lee, ERTL Procedure

Meet Our Patient: Jim Griffin, ERTL Procedure

Meet Our Patient: John Miller, ERTL Procedure

Leah Burris and Amputee Blade Runners

Brian Douglas and Amputee Blade Runners


Prosthetic Services

Prosthetic Services